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​OUR SERVICES  -Swallow's nest-


​01 Concept

Feelings for products


" To be able to easily get the nutrients from the bird's nest in my daily life."

With that in mind, Joy of Life is working every day to develop and improve the quality of products such as drinks and cosmetics that make use of the bird's nest.

JOY OF LIFE Inc. is a pioneer of the bird's nest business in Japan with many years of experience.

The record of swiftly importing and selling high-class foods in Japan has been featured in various media including major TV stations.

Currently, we are the only company in Japan that owns a sampling facility at an affiliated company, has a direct contract with the birds' nest collector, has a business alliance with the processing plant, and has established a complete supply system. We have overcome various issues such as data on the content of ingredients, inspections for carcinogenic substances, quality control, etc.

We analyze the data not only in Japanese inspection organizations but also overseas, and our products made from the material of the bird's nest are exported into many countries.


In the age when anyone can make a mail-order site, it is possible to purchase a bird's nest on other sites on the Internet, but our bird's nest can only be purchased directly from us.

Although it is possible to purchase a bird's nest from a retailer with a track record such as personal import, our bird's nest is retailed and wholesaled only to specific individuals, reliable health food manufacturers, pharmacy stores. It is a genuine product that has been used and is used as high-quality food and various raw materials.


Because we are a long-established company in the bird's nest business, we have created a high-quality, highly nutritious bird's nest with our experience and achievements gained over many years.

To make it easy for everyone to take in their daily lives,

With that in mind, Joy of Life is working every day to develop and improve the quality of products such as drinks and cosmetics that make use of the bird's nest.


​02 Services

Our nest business is

We provide services from 3 departments

Products & Sales


Product and Sales

Basic cosmetics "En" Beauty drink "Snow skin"

It is a product containing a high-concentration bird's nest extract that is approximately 10 times the usual concentration, developed over a period of trial and error since the start of the bird's nest business.

Click here for product information.  here

Currently on sale in 8 countries. We are looking for a distributor.

Click here for inquiries from candidates here​



Original Equipment Manufacturer

Basic cosmetics and drinks that contain EN nest extract

We can make your own original brand. We also accept consultation on the formulation, design, and branding. Please feel free to contact us for a lot and a quotation. Contact

Food sales


Food Sales

We sell bird's nest to the general public, restaurants, beauty facilities, health food factories, etc.

Safe and Secure

​03 Reasons for safe and secure

Reasons for safety and security

"Joy of Life" uses only " the gold thread made by the saliva of the golden swallow".

At least 10 sites have been surveyed for producing nests in 3 countries.

We maintain our own nest house, and the Japanese staff in charge of development regularly visit the nest production areas to strictly check the quality.


Safety and quality check at public and international  institutions

As for the safety of our golden swallow's nest, it is sold after being subjected to basic inspections and cesium content inspections at food analysis centers.

An unbleached certificate that does not wash the carcinogenic substances is also issued by a government agency.

In terms of quality, we sell products after inspecting the content of sialic acid, which is particularly contained in the nest of swallows.

Even if it is mail-ordered, the person in charge of food hygiene manages it.

Since other certifications are also provided as raw materials to Japanese food manufacturers, they are conducted by public institutions in Japan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, as well as private institutions that excel in private inspections. It is a product whose quality is controlled up to inspection before delivery.


②Inspection of the production area by Japanese staff


Our company's bird's nest is surveyed every year by our staff.

The management and operation of the nest house (*) through an affiliated company in the production area also contributes to the continuous supply of high-quality bird's nests.

*Nest house: A tall building made to resemble a cave with a precipice, many beautiful nest houses were created, so the birds in the nest take off after nesting, thus protecting the swallow chicks.


These efforts over the years have earned the trust of Japanese manufacturers, and we have provided them as raw materials for many Japanese products to date.


We have been interviewed by many major broadcasting stations such as "Fuji TV", "TV Asahi", "TV Tokyo", "NHK" regarding the introduction and explanation of the production areas.


Unified management system

Since Joy of Life's products is integrated and managed from collection to product packaging, there is no chance that a low-quality bird's nest will enter during the purchasing stage. We provide our customers with peace of mind and high-quality bird's nest products and responsibly.

・Management and operation at the collection facility of our affiliated company

・Direct contract with birds' nest collectors.

・Quality check at public institutions in Japan and overseas

・Raw materials are processed and processed from the ground up in a Japanese     factory.

・Product development, commercialization, packaging


​04 Product development story



Story of  JOY OF LIFE

Our company name expresses our wishes.

One day equals 24 hours that everyone enjoys equally.


In the company, we spend most of our time in life,

Creates an environment where you can truly enjoy yourself,

and contains a heartfelt desire to do sensible work.


Therefore, the content of work depends on the customers who enjoy our products and plans.

We will do our best to make you happy.

We take the initiative in disseminating to the world what we want to use, drink, and try.

We aim to make everyone happy.

Swallow's Nest Extract Story

The first job of JOY OF LIFE was a swallow's nest.

Among noble people such as China and Hong Kong

“There is a swallow's nest that is said to be extremely good for health and beauty.”

That was 20 years ago.

I actually ate it myself and was surprised at the effect.

I wanted to introduce this to myself as well as to people who have never experienced a swallow's nest extract.


There was also a method of importing and selling the swallow's nest itself,

Swallow's nest is like agar, put it in water, heat it, then season it,

then finally you can eat it.

As a result of pondering if there was a more convenient way to get the swallow's nest into the body,

The idea was to enzymatically decompose the swallow's nest into a drink.


Swallow's nest doesn't have a particularly delicious taste

Even if you have a hard time making swallow's nest soup,

Only 10% of nutrients are absorbed when the swallow's nest is steamed and eaten as it is.

However, it turned out that almost 100% of the nutrients are absorbed by the body by special enzymatic decomposition.

A swallow's nest eaten by wealthy people such as in Hong Kong every day.

If you put the same amount of in one drink that they eat a day,

which was calculated to contain 40% of the extract.


By this enzymatic decomposition, the swallow's bird nest that has no taste and has a slightly unique smell is extracted,

We have developed a method (patent pending) that enables you to taste a delicious high concentration of 40%.


The swallow's nest itself has no taste, but when it is an extract, it reveals a bad taste.

Eventually, results were completed and the taste was delicious,

A drink of the current swallow's nest extract.


Similar drinks have recently appeared on the market due to the high demand to get the swallow bird's nests,

40ml extraction of swallow's nest was put into a 30ml bottle.

We take pride that our products are the only ones that are very delicious.


Also, the EN cosmetics series,

We started making cosmetics from the viewpoint that the drink absorbs the nutrients of the swallow's nest from the intestine, while the nutrients are absorbed from the surface of the body. We aim for results-oriented skincare by incorporating sialic acid, which is involved in beauty and health, from the surface of the skin.


 Improves natural healing power and promotes skin renewal

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