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From inside to shining bare skin

A beauty and source of health that was loved by the world's three most beautiful women, Takaki Yang.

Tsubame nest has been cherished as an admired ingredient since the times when science had not advanced.

For a long time, people have continued to envy their cherished nest, which is a source of beauty and health.


In the old days, the period of Qin in BC. Emperor Shiki made his subordinates search for drugs for immortality at a time while he was on the throne. As a result, he found a swallow's nest and ate it every day to improve his weakness in the ruling.


It is said that the Princess Yuki, who was loved by Emperor Xuan Zong, who was famous as one of the three most beautiful women in the world, also sought for life eternal.


The swallow's nests, which can only be collected in the cliffs of the cliffs that rise over the coasts of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, were in small volume supply and were not readily available to anyone.

The value of the bird's nest that can be eaten only by the upper class and some of the wealthy people is highly evaluated, and as a rare high-grade food, many people are still seeking for it to this day.


 Typical nutritional components of swallow’s nest-sialic acid



Royal jelly is known as a superfood and  for beautiful skin,

Contains a lot of sialic acids.

Royal jelly is a secretion produced by the bee worker in its body and given to the queen of the bee by mouth.

And the nest of the swallow also makes a nest by taking out the secretions made in the body of the swallow.

The swallow's nest contains many nutrients, of which "sialic acid" is a typical ingredient.








Sialic acid is originally found in human milk, saliva, and cow saliva,

It is a molecule at the end of a sugar chain to facilitate communication between cells.

 The characteristic feature of the swallow's nest is that this sialic acid is very abundant,

 Is about 200 times more powerful than royal jelly.









 In addition to sialic acid, "E.G. F (epithelial growth factor) and "F.G. F (fibroblast       growth factor)". *1" was noted.

E.G.F. promotes the regeneration and generation of cells and activates turnover to make the skin healthy, and F.G.F.

Increases elastin and hyaluronic acid to give skin gloss and firmness.

The swallow's bird's nest, which contains a wealth of excellent ingredients, leads you to good health.


Sialic acid sugar chain Featured ingredients in the nest


High-concentration swallow's nest extract blended basic cosmetics


Beauty drink containing high-concentration swallow's nest extract



A cleansing product made from botanical oils such as golden thread Swallow's nest extract, sunflower oil, and rosehip oil. When you apply it up in your hand and rub it up, it becomes a smooth oil.

Tax incl. price

15,400 yen         



A high-performance cream that does multi-cares the aging signs that worrisome age. Luxuriously blended with golden thread swallow nest extract containing EGF and FGF.

Tax incl. price

   22,000 yen



A beauty liquid that contains plenty of carefully selected natural ingredients, moisturizes the skin, improves firmness, prevents dullness due to drying, and has four points focusing on PM2.5.

Tax incl. price

   15,400 yen



30 ml x10 bottles 

A product for high-end beauty salons and private salons.

Because the raw materials are scarce, it is a special specification developed under the concept of "for special occasions".

 Tax incl. price


EN cosmetic .png
Cleansing Balm



Reset and optimize.

"Golden swallow's bird nest extract"

 Cleansing beauty balm oil

Supporting "creating power" by resetting bare skin

It has six effects: pore cleansing, keratinization, immune activation, blood circulation promotion, antioxidant, and cell activation.

A balm-like cleansing made from botanical oil such as sunflower oil and rosehip oil (*2).

With 6 effects, it keeps your skin firm and moisturized.

1. It starts to dissolve the dirt in the pores and firmly removes it.

2. Keratin peeling: Sake extract contains amino acids of natural moisturizing factors and polypeptides, and also contains organic acids such as lactic acid and malic acid produced by a mixture of koji and yeast. Removes dead skin cells with organic acid while moisturizing. Promotes rejuvenating overall.

3. Promoting blood circulation: mandarin peel extract has the function of maintaining tough and healthy capillaries.

4. Immunostimulant: Complex ingredients of 7 herbs. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory effects.

5. Antioxidant: Rosehip oil contains VC, VE, and VB, has a high antioxidant effect and also contains a large amount of linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which are essential fatty acids involved in tissue regeneration.

6. Cell activation: After removing excess dead skin cells, swallow's nest extract promotes turnover by EGF action. To the smooth skin.


  1. * Warm the balm in into palm of your hand to melt it well, apply it on your face while massaging,

  2. *For waterproof type eye makeup, please use the remover only for the eye


 Warm the balm in into palm of your hand to melt it well, apply it on your face while massaging,

*For waterproof type eye makeup, please use the remover only for the eyes.




Create from the deep Finest rich cream

  "Goldthread swallow's nest extract" (*1) is blended luxuriously

Bare skin repair with carefully selected penetrating ingredients and plant power.

Penetrates, repairs and protects bare skin.

Gold thread swallow's nest extract and selected natural ingredients

Highly penetrating ingredients restore from deep inside the skin.

In addition, plant-derived ingredients enhance the barrier function of the skin surface.


Highly penetrating ingredients restore from deep inside the skin.

In addition, plant-derived ingredients enhance the barrier function of the skin surface.

Highly penetrating ingredients restore from deep inside the skin.

In addition, plant-derived ingredients enhance the barrier function of the skin surface.

● Micro collagen, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that

 has excellent permeability and keeps the skin moisturized from both outside and inside.

● EGF of the bird's nest extract

Promote rebuilding for firm bare skin.


●Complex vitamin emulsion

A complex vitamin emulsion that is a nanoemulsion of four types of vitamin (A, B, C, E) derivatives using hydrogenated lecithin. The nano-emulsion enhances skin penetration and has a complex effect such as anti-oxidation to prevent wrinkling sagging due to aging and whitening effect.


● Glycosphingolipid, ceramide

Glycosphingolipids from brown rice skin and ceramides that restores the skin barrier.


●Nano globulin

Suppresses the production of melanin, and further enhances the cell activation effect of EGF action

it gives firmness while whitening.


Gives and protects firmness, Lift-up & protection serum.

"Goldthread swallow's nest extract" (*1) high content that minimizes daytime damage and enhances beauty.


A beauty essence that contains plenty of carefully selected natural ingredients (*1) to moisturize the skin, improve firmness, prevent dullness due to dryness, and focus on PM2.5.

The moisturized veil containing fish collagen (*2) and Alteromonas extract (*3) protects the skin that exposed to environmental stress such as ultraviolet rays and air pollutants and provides firmness. As it fits comfortably on the skin, it is easy to use even before going out, and the fresh grapefruit and Bulgarian rose aroma scent (*4) gently wrap the bare skin.


*1 Hydrolyzed swallow nest extract, water (skin conditioning component, firmness)

*2 Water-soluble collagen (moisturizing, firmness)

*3 Alteromonas fermentation liquid (film formation)

*4 Grapefruit peel oil, Damask rose flower oil (perfume)

Raises and protects bare skin with high-quality texture 

Gold thread swallow's nest extract and selected natural ingredients

With 5 effects, it keeps the brightness and moisture of the skin.

1, lifting cream

Improves facial wrinkles caused by the contraction of facial muscles.

Acetyl hexapeptide-8, pentapeptide-18.

2. Antioxidant

Protects the skin from active oxygen damage caused by UV rays.

Superoxide dismutase, fullerene


3. Moisturizing

Due to the moisturizing effect of collagen and sodium hyaluronate, it prevents dryness of the skin during the day.

Collagen has the same triple-helix molecular structure as living tissue and forms a fiber membrane.

Holds a large amount of bound water for a long time. Turnover by the EGF action of the bird's nest extract

Promote. Black soybean extract gives firmness from the inside by the female hormone action.


4. Dullness prevention

Fuji Rose berry fermented extract suppresses melanin production, hybrid rose

Flower extract suppresses saccharification. Prevents stains and dullness and keeps brightness.


5. Anti-pollution

Prevents stains, dullness, tobacco smoke, PM2.5, and heavy metals wear that cause inflammation. Alteromonas fermented extract (pm2.5 prevention, heavy metal wear)


30 ml 10 bottles


Condensing the beauty ingredients of the swallow's nest

For a healthy and beautiful day

Supportive drink


Condensing the beauty ingredients of the Swallow's Nest

For a healthy and beautiful day

Supportive drink

Swallow's Nest, Collagen, Royal Jelly, Agave

This is a top-quality anti-aging drink that contains 40% of the rare gold swallow nest extract.

We thoroughly extract the active ingredients such as sialic acid, EGF, and FGF that are contained in the bird's nest using our proprietary technology.

It is broken down into nano-levels, which enhances the body's ability to absorb, and bottled.

The lychee flavor is easy to drink. It contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are essential for moisturizing the skin.

High-quality swallow's nest drink that is made in Japan will support your healthy and beautiful day.


Swallow's nest which is used for our drink is about 8.44 g (wet base) per product (30 ml), which uses a lot of raw materials.

We believe that the real effect will be produced for the first time by using abundant and excellent raw materials and manufacturing with high technology.

Snow skin is a product that is consistent from securing raw materials to manufacturing based on the guidelines.

We make the best choice for each.

This is a product made in Japan with high technology and rich natural ingredients, so don't worry if you were new to it.

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